The  Videostorage series  is the NAS solution proposed by OpenLogic where is necessary to secure data storage. Today, this type of storage it is almost essential if you consider the storage capacity of the hard drives on the market, in practice even the smallest of them, once filled, will represent a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at all times, frustrating hours of work spent building that store. Available in more configurations, Videostorage OpenLogic offers high performance in terms of efficiency,  safety and available capacity.

Every configuration is equipped with additionals Server Lan Cards, in order to connect up to 10 external drives, dual redundant power supply, Hot-swap hard drive bay and the best server available components.

All versions are equipped with Open-e DSS series software and are characterized by the high level of protection with which the data are processed, a strong system of protection in RAID 6 configuration. This ensures the user the safety and security of data even in the event of damage to multiple hard disk drives within it.

With Videostorage OpenLogic you can distribute your audio / video content through your LAN and make them immediately available "on demand" on any desktop editing, or from any PC.

The reliability of the videostorage is guaranteed to remain on the capacity available or active during a power failure. Our videostorage are in fact designed for continuous use NON STOP 24/7, being provided with the system hot-swap "HOT SWAP" and the double redundant power supply.

The network on which the data travels is completely resilient, thus ensuring continuity of service even in the most extreme situations. In fact, in more complex projects, we use an architecture that helps eliminate single points of failure and it will spawn multiple paths from the distribution panel to the backbone switch.

That way if one of the backbone switch or the connection is subject to failure, the second switch can immediately take responsibility for its functions. A system of "alert on line" allows our remote support directly to the heart of storage, even in your absence.