Through the direct testimony of some important broadcasters, in Millecanali is presented Visia, our new software developed specifically to handle the broadcasters of the digital age.

In the magazine are the testimonials of our first customers who have upgraded to Visia and of which there is a summary:

Pasquale Piccirillo, CEO Lunaset Group Caserta, Italy: 

What is the strength of this new system, given that she has followed closely the development, also by forwarding specific requests?
"Filippo Puzzo had the courage and the ability to throw everything he had achieved so far and to design a new software from scratch. Then, the result is a solution designed specifically for the needs that we have today. This is not a further update or adaptation of something that had been done earlier, for analogue TV. Anyway, everything is perfectly integrated, without always having to get out a solution to make transactions, import or open a new one and move files from one software to another."

Marco Ferri, CEO FanoTV Pesaro, Italy:

Why did you choose this system?
We made this choice because, on the basis of the characteristics that we have seen, perfectly suited to our needs. Starting from the advertising schedule to the broadcast, and also with all the projections of programming, which we had, everything looks fine. This allows us to have a monitory activity and advertising planning complete, even month-to-month.

Paolo Spiga, CEO Canale 10 Roma, Italy:

Why did you choose OpenLogic solutions?
We had to do an up-grade and having already used the OpenLogic systems, that there has never created problems in several years, we have evaluated to repeat the experience, because of the reliability and features of the Openlogic solutions.


Alessandro Giuliana,  AgrigentoTV, Italy:

What are the most interesting features, from your point of view, of Visia??
First, the basic structure is very interesting. Visia sees as objects all the contents of the server, which can have a life of their differentiated in function of the fact that they are Tg, programs, commercials etc.. This gives you the ability to define how to handle the specific content. This helps a lot in daily operations, in particular, for what concerns the content and the management of advertising. The possibility also handle more channels, simultaneously, especially for the insertion advertising, is not a negligible element.