Visia is the new, revolutionary broadcast management system for medium-high level broadcasters. Its architecture is based on MySQL database engine, to ensure safety and speed of requested data, offers to user much controls and tools for an accurate management of broadcasters companies. But above all, Visia would to represent a new point of view, in the BMS systems, than logical and software architectures that today are certainly outdated and obsolete. Here some features:

» Program creation with EPG management, episodes, source, pre and post-roll, associated secondary events (full customizables TCP⁄IP commands);» Middle-long terms schedule with series management and creation options, replicas, single programs, through an intuitive and modern timeline-calendar tool;» Daily schedules management for all managed channels, simultaneously also, with drag&drop tools on grid, program changing, asset markings management, trim "on the fly", secondary events, locks and fixed start time management, etc.;» Advertising, commercial clusters and programs planning, with an accurate quotes management;» Complete accounting section, with active and payable invoices management and other bills, auto-creation and auto-dispatching options, really aired aggregation, hires and payments management;» iVisia support, for mobile devices web access(tablets and smartphones);

These, with others full operatives functions (operations user tracking, layout editor for reports customization, statistics), makes of Visia the new tool complete management of broadcasting companies.

Visia is full compatible with OpenLogic playout systems and with other common playout systems.

Moreover, in order to ensure a full quickly and incessancy migration, more tools are availables to import data, not only from 24Ventiquattro platform, but also from other common systems.