Finder Playout is the modulus of the entire playout suite Finder and its usefulness can be summed up in two simple words: speed and ease of use.

Finder Playout, in fact, complements the simple but important functions, which are undoubtedly essential in any study directing. Here are some examples:

»Instant Search the archives present in the database, with the possibility of further trim and immediate insertion into playlists;

"Inserting" external "resources, that is not cataloged and unrelated to the database, through the choice of the file from the dialog box;

"Possibility of" bind "two or more resources in playlist, in order to run in a continuous manner, ie one after the other, automatically;

"Option" first frame "that allows viewing, in the case described above, only the initial frame (or one chosen by the user), the end of playback of the previous file. This function is very useful when, for example, falls into the studio after playing a news report and you want to automatically display (perhaps on the monitor behind the conductor), the opening words of the next service;

"Option" loop "on each file in the playlist (maybe for extension archival footage to use stain); 'Drag & Drop on the resources in the list and the possibility of saving the same;

"Managing image files (. Jpg,. Bmp);

All the above functions, as well as the addition or deletion of resources, can also be performed during playback.

Playout Finder is compatible with Cards: Blackmagic Design, AJA Video Systems, Blue Fish 444 and can be installed on any type of terminal based on Microsoft Windows operating systems ©, which has sufficient requirements to the management of video files. His platform is multiformat and the reading of files is based on the codecs installed on the system.