Openlogic Automation Playout, is the result of a continuous evolution that is based on the experience gained over many years of development.

In fact, although over the years has changed its look and has implemented new and interesting innovations, the basic structure of the playout is always the original one, thus giving more guarantees in terms of robustness and reliability. The ease of use and immediacy of the graphical interface make this product truly unique.

Some of the main features:

Control programs in the schedule through the classic transport controls (Play, Pause, Stop, Stop deferred Skip);
Full view of the output stream, using countdown and elapsed for the on air event, status indicators, about the current settings (buffer, trim management, GPI, Server Device for control matrices), an indication of the delay / advance of the planned indicator next event, even the part-time forced to

Ability to trim the fly on the files planned;
Management channel buffer (to make up for lack of programming file or empty)

Automatic compilation of the diary of a station, use the guarantor;
LIVE management;
Graphics Manager of the channel;
Generation and control station logos;
Playout is now able to handle two different types of output cards: all'intramontabile card together with MPEG-2 decoding hardware, Playout is able to handle the large part of the new cards based on technology DirectShow (Blackmagic (C), Hague Video systems (C), BlueFish 444 (C), etc..), and this, thanks to its scalable structure, which is independent from the use and type of the managed card. In this second case, obviously, there is no size limitation: depending on the configuration of codecs and installed, it will be possible to manage almost all the video formats that exist today.

Playout also integrates a powerful titling channel, for the most common uses (ticker, clock, banner, gif) for increased requirements, however, it is possible to manage and full integration with the titration systems ClassX (C).