OpenLogic is a trademark of Microvision Group, through which they are developed and marketed software applications and complete systems for the management of television companies.

The first installations of Openlogic systems,  can be traced back to the distant 1997, when some italian local reality television, with pioneering spirit, felt the need to automate your station, in order to make faster and more productive their work. Although the experience in the field of the main shareholders of the company, had begun several years earlier, as a result of various collaborations with local radio and TV.

The years 1997-2004 were the years when the company consolidated its presence in the italian market, thanks to a growing need felt by the operators of the sector, to further automate their work to maximize their productivity. It was in those years that Microvision could easily exceed the threshold of 100 installations: a number certainly remarkable, considering that the industry was still far from the transition to DVB-T and that the total number of non-Italian private TV exceeded 500 units.

The year 2005 was a watershed year. Following the requests of some major publishing groups and strong results hitherto achieved, Openlogic realized that the time had come to invest further in the industry to give life to a completely new project, in line with the standards of the time, and to expand its product portfolio thanks to the creation of its own area of research and development within the company itself. Thus were born the suite 24Ventiquattro - automation television - the suite Finder - for the management of video footage, the Videologger and Audiologger - for recording video and audio continues 24/90 for use by the guarantor. At the same time, in order to ensure continuity and transmission to make up for some technological limitations (capacity, performance), Openlogic began marketing the line Videostorage - powerful and reliable fileserver able to guarantee performance and data security, even in critical conditions. Next, we added to our catalog products Finder Playout - on completion of the relevant Suite (2008), the Videoweb - for the management of Web portals - (2009), the Ingesting - scheduled for acquisitions and multiformat - the PostPlay - for +1 timeshifting and ViewCaster - for routing of multiple video and audio signals, including graphics, into a single video output - (2010-2011).

By the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, partly as a result of the transition to DVB-T and the consequent entry into the field of new business entities (often improvised), which have ballooned the offer with all products' height or lacking the necessary support, Openlogic decides to renew its mission, which is to invest in an innovative, able to score markedly differs from the majority of products existing in the market today: Visia part of the project, which at the end of ' Summer 2012 sees its official debut. The new product, together with the evolution of VideoWeb (which today is only part of the much larger project Kronopress) represent, for the immediate future, the crown jewel, the jewel of the family with which the company intends to address the new challenges Innovation technology, pursuing those who have always been the business goals and that made the difference: innovation and reliability, always.